Friday, February 10, 2012

I was able to complete editing the Wikipedia article about Isaac Galland. This was really challenging, because the photograph of the George Caleb Bingham portrait is copyrighted by the photographer, and Wikipedia has blocked the website where it is hosted. The website link goes to a gallery and it is difficult to find the exact photo you are looking for; also they apparently have had several broken links referring to images on the website.
Isaac Galland was a very complex person. He did many great things, yet he had a dark side.
Susan Easton Black wrote an article called "Isaac Galland: Both Sides of the River, found at, which shows Isaac's both sides.


  1. Marie, you definitely have interesting relatives. That is quite an article.

  2. Can you post a link to the Wikipedia page in your post?

  3. Interesting! (just a side note, there are no end quotation marks at the end of the article title). Great job though!