Monday, January 16, 2012

This blog has been created as an assignment for a History class at BYU.
I am descended from Abel Casto (1790-1840) and Mary (Polly) Galland (1795-1870)
Abel's parents are Azariah Casto and Hannah Golden; Polly's parents are Matthew Galland and Hannah Fenno. For a previous class, I wrote a paper on Polly's brother, Isaac Galland, and I will be concentrating on Isaac for the duration of the class, as well as on the Abel Casto family.
Please comment on my posts, and if you are related, please let me know.


  1. I am excited to hear about the information you have gathered. Thanks! Melanie

  2. Nice work on your blog. I see you have not been back in a few years. I recently found a record from a library in Trenton, NJ for William Casto Jr. I cannot rule out the pirate story, since during his life, there was a continuous threat from pirate attack in the vicinity. The record I located, makes a great deal of sense, explaining why William Casto, who married Elizabeth Abbott only had three children. Simply put, he died in 1721. His death records lists his name as William Cast Jr. We know it cannot be William Casto born 1717, for that man grew into manhood, had children and kept a bible in which he wrote many family history details.